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NewsRoom.co.nz offers you a powerful information tool
for keeping track of the daily news as it unfolds.

NewsRoom and our support service at www.newsroomplus.com works with you to pinpoint your news and information needs to deliver news you can use.

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Products & Services

NewsRoom successfully delivers news feeds and related services to a cross-section of New Zealand’s top professional services firms, large and medium-sized companies, industry bodies, educational and community-based organisations, government agencies and parliament - as well as to individual news followers.

  • NewsRoom Resources

    Contact us now to learn how the NewsRoom team can help manage your custom news requirements.

  • Intranet & Website Feeds

    A corporate version of NewsMail to clients via an XML feed directly onto their company intranet in response to demand from large organizations.

  • Ongoing Development

    In 2017 NewsRoom will be re-building its online presence to support ongoing development of its cost-effective products and services.

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About NewsRoom

NewsRoom has operated as a highly respected news agency service and news release clearinghouse since it first entered the online publishing field in 1996.

Our team of experienced editors and credentialled journalists follow a “no spin” editorial policy to deliver a reliable source of accurate news and information.

In addition to publishing press & media releases NewsRoom’s content is supplemented by generating its own agency stories and publishing featured content from trusted sources.

The primary NewsRoom office is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Our twitter handle is @newsroom_nz

Contact US

NewsRoom provides targeted news and information broking options to a growing number of clients in a wide range of sectors and new markets.

All subscription enquiries are welcomed to sales@newsroom.co.nz

NewsRoom welcomes the contribution of news releases for publication and distribution to our extensive base of readers and subscribers.

Please send all media releases to editor@newsroom.co.nz

For further information please contact NewsRoom’s General Manager, Stephen Olsen by email to stephen@newsroom.co.nz or by calling 021-2664427